Free Website Design – Up to 5 Pages

Front Page Content

I will design a basis header for your page, like the one you can see above.
In addition I will also add an image which will be provided by you.
(one image on each of the pages -up to 4).

This Basic Free up to 5 page website design will include

  • 1 Custom Header. Located at the top of the page, I will design a simple header containing the main title of your company, any business logo if you have, a phone number and or a picture. In this example, I have used a simple image on which I have super imposed the main message of this website.
  • Up to 5 pages in which I will uploadĀ the content you provide me with. For example
    • A home page (this page)
      The article for your home page (unlimited number of words) in which you talk about your site, the services you provide and any other type of information pertinent to your industry. Internet Search Engines are in the business of locating and serving web pages relevant to the search of its users. You may have heard the expression “content is king” and whilst content may not be as relevant today as it was in the past, it is still a very important element in the search engine algorithm.
    • An About me page
    • A Contact page
    • And two more pages of your choice
      This website has 4 pages
  • A Navigation Menu. I will create a site navigation menu at the top of the site
  • A Sidebar. A left or right side bar (Sidebar Column)
  • A footer. Located at the bottom of the page, this area can include relevant information such as another navigation sitemap for your website, you business name and address etc..

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